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Swimming exchange group also an athlete Ping

2022-07-01 18:05Free men's swimming Department
Summary: Add swimming group, 254278687 There are few people in the group, so everyone exchanges and swims moreOK, I added itDiscussion: how to swim long without tiredness in freestyle1. Freestyle itself is one
Add swimming group, 254278687 There are few people in the group, so everyone exchanges and swims more
OK, I added it
Discussion: how to swim long without tiredness in freestySwimming exchange group  also an athlete Pingle
1. Freestyle itself is one of the four swimming styles that consumes more energy. It is also an item for athletes to practice their physical fitness at ordinary times. It will be tiring at fSwimming exchange group  also an athlete Pingirst. If you usually swim 1000 meters breaststroke every time, you may swim 400 meters freestyle. You'd better swim every other day. By the way, I swim all year round (Dalian winter swimming exchange group 41894004) 20009.0
How to breathe and hold your breath when swimming? How to master the rhythm
---Dalian winter swimming exchange group 41894004--- 2 The correct breaststroke action should be to raise your head and inhale while drawing, and lower your head and exhale when extending your arms. However, in actual swimming, many people do the opposite. When you are rowing, lower your head and exhale, and when you stretch your arms, raise your head and inhale. ISwimming exchange group  also an athlete Pingn this way, the whole swimming action is completely disjointed, and it is easy to swim more and more disorderlyHow to expand your circle
QQ professional groups of various enterprise and public institution functional departments heard from friends, or communication groups obtained through search, such as advertising, real estate market, clothing, writing, etc; Exercise more, participate in collective sports activities in companies, communities or clubs, play basketball, football, rope skipping, etc; Actively participate in training, which can be the company's out training, orSwimming is too cold in winter, how to overcome it
---Dalian winter swimming exchange group 41894004--- 3 The third advantage of winter swimming is to keep out the cold. This may be a little puzzling after listening to it. In fact, the ancients said that "when things reach the extreme, they will reverse". After being frozen by cold water, there is nothing colder. The cold wind made those who used hatsWhat if I can't breathe when swimming
There is little relationship between swimming ventilation and vital capacity. As long as you practice more times, you can overcome your fear of water. Here are some common problems you often encounter and solutions, which I think will be helpful to you. First of all, we should change our usual simple breathingHow to avoid cramps when swimming
---Dalian winter swimming exchange group 41894004--- 2) low swimming temperature can easily cause leg cramps. Muscle spasms may occur during overloaded exercise, especially for those who do not often take swimming exercises, or those who have interrupted activities for a long time and re participated in exercisesTaste of disinfection water in swimming pool
The main component of disinfection water contains chlorine, which is low and cannot disinfect, but high, which is harmful to human body and irritates skin and eyes. So we should go to large and regular swimming pools
Do you need a lot of strength to paddle when swimming? Why do you think others are easy to swim and you are
As long as the rhythm and balance are not affected, theSwimming exchange group  also an athlete Ping way of kicking can be freely chosen. The technology of modern elite swimmers is no longer as simple as it used to be, but has its own characteristics--- Dalian winter swimming exchange group 14894004 - high elbow posture the posture of the elbow plays an important role in the underwater stroke stageAbout breaststroke
Especially for beginners, an orderly rhythm is not only conducive to mastering movements, but also to stabilizing emotions and enhancing confidence in learning swimming.. I suggest you don't use swimming circles, otherwise it's bad for practicing breaststroke! You have practiced the above items first. There is also advanced breaststroke technology, and I will have the opportunity to communicate again in the future! I wish you success in breaststroke
Swimming exchange group also an athlete Ping

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