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Bohr swimming huge pool for Yao Ming

2022-07-03 04:38Free men's swimming Department
Summary: What is giant swimming likeWhen Yao Ming, the current chairman of the Basketball Association, was a superstar of the Rockets, he had to go to swimming training every other time. The huge swimming pool
What is giant swimming like
When Yao Ming, the current chairman of the Basketball Association, was a superstar of the Rockets, he had to go to swimming training every other time. The huge swimming pool was like a bathtub for Yao Ming. Yao Ming keeps doing all kinds of training in the pool. Bohr Yao Ming is 2.2 meters tall
What are NBA stars like in the pool
Bohr's speed is slow, and he hardly bounces, but with his height and arm exhibition, he has also become the protective gate of the team. His cap is easy and enjoyable. He only needs to open his hands completely, which is already blocking the sky and the sun. Bohr belongs to “ Bamboo pole ” Figure, when he swims in the poolHow exaggerated is the size of NBA stars
Bohr swimming is like a sea monster talking about Bohr. Now most of them think of the Nuggets' little Bohr. In fact, his father, old Bohr, can be said to be much more famous than him. It is precisely because of old Bohr that people attach so much importance to the prospects of young Bohr. Old Bohr was directly discovered by scouts from African tribesManutpol is the tallest player in NBA history. How tall is he
His height is 2.29 meters and his arm span is 2.59 meters, which is the highest in NBA history. Such a person is completely a legitimate monster in real life. Just swimmiBohr swimming  huge pool for Yao Mingng in the swimming pool is like a monster invasion. Had it not been for seeing Bohr enter the swimming pool with his own eyes, the brother opposite might have really thought it was a monsterWhen NBA stars swim, what do they look like
Let's take a look at what Farr looks like when he swims with the children. Compared with Farr's huge body, this pool has become a bathtub in front of him. If it really swims, it's estimated that the children have no place to play. Although Bohr is 2cm shorter than Farr, his arm span has reached the first 259cm in NBABohr swimming  huge pool for Yao Ming historyWhat do NBA stars look like when swimming
If you let Yao Ming pick and roll, the quality should not be too high. If you partner with curry, curry will be equal to an open shot after Yao Ming pick and roll. Yao Ming's career is ruined by injuries, and swimming training in the water is also common. Because he is too big, Yao Ming, who is clearly in the pool, feels like taking a bath in his own bathtubNBA giants, what do they look like swimming in the water
This also reminds Xiaobian of his African predecessor, Boer, who once swam. Boer with a 259 arm span swam in the pool like a water monster. If anyone sees such a creature swimming in the water in the pool in the middle of the night, he will have a heart attack. ZhaBohr swimming  huge pool for Yao Mingn Huang's swimming circle became a highlight. As the first person in the active League, Zhan HuangWhat do NBA giants look like when swimming
Seeing Farr in the water also reminds Xiaobian of “ That man ”. As the first height in NBA, the photo of Bohr swimming in the water has been widely spread, and many netizens were surprised when they saw it for the fiBohr swimming  huge pool for Yao Mingrst time. Is this really the human body? It looks more like a black water monsterWho are the athletes with special body types in the sports world
If all the above are professional athletes, then the next one is a bit of a joke. His name is ball ball, and his profession is a professional black basketball player. At the age of 19, his height has reached 2.19 meters, and he also loves swimmingWhat are NBA giants like when swimming
However, this is not the most terrible. Look at the way ball, the NBA's tallest, swims in the water! It can scare many people. This dark and slender figure and terrifying long legs, this is not a water monster! I wonder if the man in front of him is scared to pee? As we all know
Bohr swimming huge pool for Yao Ming

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