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Swimming diary 100 words write swimming Diary

2022-07-03 23:29Free men's swimming Department
Summary: Keep a swimming diaryAnd can swim freely in the swimming pool. I went to my father's side again and heard him talking with his colleagues: sports should also be tested in the high school entrance e
Keep a swimming diary
And can swim freely in the swimming pool. I went to my father's side again and heard him talking with his colleagues: sports should also be tested in the high school entrance examination, including swimming. It takes 3.5 minutes to pass the 100 meter breaststroke. With that, dad also wanted me to try, but I couldn't swim for the time being, so I swam 50 meters first. Just started, iAsk for a swimming diary
It's summer vacation, and I can finally go swimming. I'm very excited. I heard that my mother is going to swim, and she wants me to be her coach! Usually it's my mother who takes care of me. This time I can finally take care of my mother, so I'm elated. When I arrived at the swimming pool, I changed my bathing suit and did a good warm-up exercise, and I made a "plop", likeHow to write a hundred words in a swimming diary? Third grade
Swimming diary is written in 100 words. In third grade, you can let your child write it according to his swimming experience and his feelingsHow to write 100 words in the diary of the first day of swimming
My mother said that swimming can not only exercise but also improve the coordination of limbs, so I also plan to learn to swim. My mother asked my father to teach me how to swim and prepared all the things I need to swim. My father took me to Portman's swimming center. When I changed my swimsuit, my father first told me that I must learn in three daysDiary about swimming
In my painstaking persuasion, my father finally agreed to take me swimming. I trotted all the way to the swimming pool happily. Although I was panting and sweating hard, I still changed my swimming trunks as quickly as possible, put on swimming goggles and plunged into the water. With the previous foundationWrite a diary and go swimming
On a hot summer day last summer vacation, my brother asked me to go swimming in the swimming pool It's said that the water is extreSwimming diary 100 words  write swimming Diarymely cool, which is the best way to escape the summer heat in summer. After listening to it, my brother said my heart was itchy, and I really wanted to go swimming But on second thought, I can't swim. What can I do in case of an accidentWrite a diary about 50 words about my first grade mother taking Swimming diary 100 words  write swimming Diaryme swimming
As follows: today, I got up early in the morning, my mother told me to wash my face, brush my teeth and wash my clothes. After breakfast, my mother was ready to take me to the riverside next to my sister's house to swim! When I arrived at my sister's house, my aunt asked me to sit down and drink a glass of water first. Our children can't wait to put on swimsuits and suits regardless of whether they drink water or notHow to write a swimming diary
On the afternoon of XX, 20XX, the weather was fine. Goal: swim to 20 meters. Today is our first day of swimming survival training. Before that, I have prepared all the necessary things for swimming and have been excited for several days! Singing and laughing all the way, we arrived at our destination - Jianggan culture and sports center. After finishing the teamSwimming diary is about 100 words
I went swimming today. When I got to the swimming place and changed my clothes, I went to the shallow water area. When I walked in, a cool feeling suddenly seeped from the bottom of my feet to my heart. The feeling of dryness and heat also dissipatedHow to write a swimming diary
The swimming diary has a lot in common with our daily diary. The diary should be a daily record. It should record the more meaningful things in one's own life. The format of the diary is generally to write down the month and day in the first line
Swimming diary 100 words write swimming Diary

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