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Natatorium recruitment

2022-06-26 11:06Men's swimming Department cartoon
Summary: What are the requirements for national intermediate Swimming CoachesConditions for national intermediate Swimming Coaches: if you have a national level II swimmer certificate or above, you can directl
What are the requirements for national intermediate Swimming Coaches
Conditions for national intermediate Swimming Coaches: if you have a national level II swimmer certificate or above, you can directly take the intermediate swimming coach certificate. If there is no such thing, you should first take an examination of a junior coach. Only after obtaining the certificate can you be qualified to take anNatatorium recruitment intermediate exam if you have been engaged in this profession for more than three years without any safety liability accidentA swimming pool recruits lifeguards, but the boss chose not to
Because John is 2.17 meters tall and the deNatatorium recruitmentpth of the pool is only 2 metersDengfeng natatorium
Do you want a driver? If so, I'll call 62820301
Nanjing swimming club
There are not too many professional swimming clubs in Nanjing, but there are many indoor sNatatorium recruitmentwimming pools now: the larger ones include Wutaishan swimming pool, Olympic sports swimming pool, full name fitness center swimming pool, Nanjing University swimming pool, etc. it should be possible to apply with qualifications like you. The key is to see whether they need to hire people. Few people are needed in cold weatherWhere does summer vacation have the coach that recruits swim to lead a class? I am a professional swimmer. I retired this summer and want to take
Dongying swimming pool in Shandong Province is recruiting swimming coaches. You can search the number of the person in charge of the swimming pool. Contact information can be found by looking for Dongying swimming pool or Dongying swimming training. Just find the head of the coaching teamGuangzhou Chimelong Water Park Summer lifeguard recruitment
It seems that Chimelong is not qualified for training He works there in off-season and peak season. When it is hot, he arranges you to be a lifeguard. When it is cold, he does chores or securityWhat is the recruitment of gymnasiums and natatoriums in five-star hotels in Shanghai
It is basically fake. There are few such recruitment. The key is to see whether the interview is in the rented room. If it is an on-site recruitment, the credibility is basically no problem
Haihu New Area natatorium Recruitment Information
Do you need staff there
NingNatatorium recruitmentxiang beibijia infant swimming pool recruitment information, how about Ningxiang beibijia infant swimming pool
Data source of nailing enterprise code: the following information is from the enterprise credit agency. For more detailed enterprise risk data, the company's official website and company profile, you can query them above. For more company recruitment information, please consult the company's official website&# 8226; Company profile: Ningxiang beibijia infant swimming pool was established on June 6, 2016 with a registered capital of 0Who needs to be recruited in the swimming pool
1. Venue operation management personnel; 2. front desk receptionist; 3. one cleaning staff for men's and women's changing rooms; 4. arrange lifeguards according to the pool area: two lifeguards must be on duty at the same time if the pool area is less than 250 square meters. If the pool area is more than 250 square meters, one lifeguard shall be added for each additional 250 square meters or less. 5. number of salespeople
Natatorium recruitment

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