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Swimming with earphones a Chinese swimmer

2022-07-01 03:22Men's swimming Department cartoon
Summary: In swimming competitions, why do you often see athletes wearing earphonesI believe Sun Yang is no stranger to us. He is a good swimmer in China. People who have seen his competition will also see swim
In swimming competitions, why do you often see athletes wearing earphones
I believe Sun Yang is no stranger to us. He is a good swimmer iSwimming with earphones  a Chinese swimmern China. People who have seen his competition will also see swimmers wearing headphones. In fact, this situation is very common in swimming competitions. Even in some other competitions, we can often see this situationDo you have earphones for swimming
Of course, you can wear headphones when swimming, but you must be waterproof. You can use swimming headphones! Swimming earphones are a niche product in a niche field, but they are really a product to increase the fun of swimming for swimmers who like swimmingWhy do swimmers wear earphones when they enter the competition
First of all, it is clear that wearing headphones in swimming competitions is not just a matter of hobbies. Wear headphones when entering the venue, first of all, in order to better hear the sound of the starting gun during the game. Ears are very sensitive to the presence, if the corresponding protective measures are not taken before the gameSwimmers always wear earphones when they enter the stadium. Do you know what the use is_ Baidu
Swimming goggles are known to protect athletes' eyes, because there is water pressure in the water, and drugs in the pool water are also harmful to the eyes. But because many athletes like to wear headphones, is there really any mystery? Of course “ Pretend to be cool ” Wearing headphones is just a trivial functionWhy do most swimmers like to wear earphones when eSwimming with earphones  a Chinese swimmerntering the stadium
The purpose of these songs is to improve the excitement and sense of substitution of the body, and give you a rhythm at the same time. In swimming competitions, rhythm is very important. If the rhythm is smooth, the whole game will be quite comfortable. After all, as the old saying goes, everything goes smoothly. Fourth, from the external performance, wearing headphones looks cool. RatioWhy do swimmers wear earphones
Why do athleteSwimming with earphones  a Chinese swimmers wear earphones when swimming? Why do athletes wear two-layer swimming caps when competing? There is also a good explanation for this problem. That is, wearing a two-layer swimming cap can completely cover the swimming goggles. Only in this way can we ensure that the swimming goggles will not fall off at will when the athletes are swimming. It seemsWhy do swimmers like to wear headphones when entering the stadium
When athletes enter the swimming field from the lounge to compete, they always wear headphones when they come out. Many people will inevitably have questionsWhy do some athletes like to wear earphones in swimming competitions
First of all, wearing headphones to enter the stadium can make these athletes relax, so as not to play abnormally due to tension during the competition. Secondly, many athletes wear headphones to enter the stadium because of business cooperation with headphone manufacturersAre there any earphones suitable for swimming
Bone conduction earphones are more suitable for swimming. Bone conduction earphones have natural advantages in underwater wearing. Because the sound generating unit is in front of the ear and the hanging line provides a certain pressure to press it on the skin, they are very safe to wear. As long as you don't dive, you can wear it steadily. And the bone conduction earphone is sealedWhy do some swimmers like to bring earphones when entering the stadium? Is there any stress in this
It can make people feel comfortable and even keep calm. So the swimmers wearing earphones and listening to muSwimming with earphones  a Chinese swimmersic play the above roles. To put it bluntly, the swimmers wearing earphones before competitions and during training actually plays a role in psychological transfer, dispersing nervous emotions and relaxing themselves, while people's spirit is relaxed
Swimming with earphones a Chinese swimmer

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