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Swimming reality show doctors also treat it quickly

2022-07-02 18:02Men's swimming Department cartoon
Summary: Star evaluation of Chinese star jumpSA revealed that she is not afraid of water and likes swimming. The only worry is fear of heights. During the training, caizhuoyan was hurt by water and hurt her wa
Star evaluation of Chinese star jump
SA revealed that she is not afraid of water and likes swimming. The only worry is fear of heights. During the training, caizhuoyan was hurt by water and hurt her waist. The doctor also treated her quickly. On the day before the program was recorded, Cai Zhuoyan was injured again in the waist. SA will choose the posture of head down in the competitionGuo Fucheng, Lin Zhiying, fan Mingsun, Yang handongjun, what is the name of the variety show that HSwimming reality show  doctors also treat it quicklyua Shao participated in
The program is "we are seventeen". "We are 17 years old" is a reality show about star travel against time. The six regularSwimming reality show  doctors also treat it quickly members of the program are Guo Fucheng, Lin Zhiying, Sun Yang, Hua Shao, fan Ming and Han Dongjun. There are 13 episodes in total. During their trip, they have to face many practical problems, such as transportation, dinner, residence and even the weather... Swimming is first-class, including a plot in which she participated in a reality show
Why should I seek out mor
Which phase is the RunningMan Ggong swimming pool
In 2003, he won the SBS Acting Talent Award for "screen of dreams". In 2005, it was performed in "biscuit teacher Star Candy" and became popular. In 2006, he won the MBC grand prize for acting with "wonderful day". "Running man" is an outdoor competitive reality show launched by Korean SBS TV station in the unit of "good Sunday". ProgramWhat good variety shows are there
"Happy base camp" is a guest Interview Game Show launched by Hunan Satellite TV, with five fixed hosts. It can be said that "happy base camp" is a program growing up with the post-80s and post-90s generation, and has far-reaching significance. This program is mainly in the form of games, supplemented by singing, dancing and musicWorry! Taiwan actress fell into the water in the reality show, and her partner didn't save people, but "knocked her head" with a paddle. Why_ Hundred
Variety shows account for an increasing proportion of video transmission in China, and reality shows that use immersive scene production and scene narration are welcomed by the audience, but the safety issues in reality shows often cause heated discussion. For the first time, Xu Weiting fell into the water and was "knocked on the head" by his male partner with an oar, according to Taiwan media reportsWhat about the female star swimming in the reality show and suddenly having a period
This kind of situation exists in foreign countries, but it is generally not in China, because before recording the program, brokers and program groups will carefully discuss the program content to participate in, what projects are there, etc., so if female stars happen to be inconvenient, they will not record it, and you also know that the current variety shows are recorded and broadcastHow to evaluate the sports reality show "the second supernova National Games"
A very good competition program! "Supernova National Games Season 2" is a star competitive sports event program jointly produced by Tencent video andSwimming reality show  doctors also treat it quickly Tencent sports. It consists of the on-demand broadcast of the qualification competition and the live broadcast of the finals. The program consists of eight periods. The competition is hosted by Zhang Shaogang, the live broadcast stage is hosted by Du Haitao, and the supernova representative is song QianBecause of her good figure, she missed the national team. She was shy to block her cSwimming reality show  doctors also treat it quicklyhest and became popular with the director. Who is she
In the past, she was a national athlete, but because of her good figure and being able to compete with actress Liu Yan, she finally had no reason to join our swimming team. Perhaps because of her tall figure, as a professional sprinter, it would be harmful to her future journey, so she was politely avoided. Who is thisZhang MingEn took Xu Lu swimming. Which two details were praised by netizens to expose his true feelings for Xu Lu_ Baidu
In a reality show, this pair of artists attracted the attention of the public. That is, an interaction between Xu Lu and Zhang MingEn immediately made many people feel very envious. It can be calculated that their relationship was very good. Crazy show love in front of people, such as when they are swimming
Swimming reality show doctors also treat it quickly

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