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Running or swimming so it's more convenient

2022-07-03 12:02Men's swimming Department cartoon
Summary: Is it better to run to lose weight or swimBoth of these methods are good, but swimming requires going to the swimming pool, and running is convenient anytime, anywhere. The benefits of running benefit
Is it better to run to lose weight or swim
Both of these methods are good, but swimming requires going to the swimming pool, and running is convenient anytime, anywhere. The benefits of running benefit all parts of our body. The first is the lungs. Running can increase our capillaries and increase the level of oxygen utilization. According to researchWhich is better, swimming or running
Therefore, running is slightly better in terms of calories consumed in exercise alone. However, the effect of weight loss does not only depend on the heat consumption during exercise, but also on the impact of exercise on the body. For example, from the perspective of muscle consumptiRunning or swimming  so it's more convenienton, most of the muscles used in running are leg muscles, for swimmersWhich sport do you think is more suitable for physical fitness training in running and swimming
In fact, runRunning or swimming  so it's more convenientning can exercise cardiopulmonary function well, because it requires a lot of oxygen to support the body to move during running. Some weak people can try running, which is conducive to cardiopulmonary function. And swimming is a great sport, if there is enough space and enough timeIs it better to exercise, running or swimming
Studies have shown that when running, the pressure on the knee is 7 times higher than usual, so the probability of knee injury will also be greatly Running or swimming  so it's more convenientincreased, but the bone density of people who run for a long time will also increase, and the anti pressure of the knee will also increase. Compared with running, the harm of swimming is much smaller. When swimming, due to the buoyancy of water, the bodyWhich is better, a treadmill or a spinning bike
 If you are overweight more or used to exercise less, it is recommended to use spinning for training first, because the joints do not need to bear the weight of the body, so it is not easy to damage the knees and ankles. However, riding for a long time is easy to compress the lower body, so don't ride for a long time, so it will be better to change to running after a period of exercise. Weight loss generally requires maintaining a certain heart rate (120-160) and running for 30-60 minutes, which will have a good fat reduction effect. As for the training you say is variable speed running, generally speaking, jogging exercises aerobic exercise ability, fast running exercises anaerobic exercise ability, so you can use this method to exercise long-distance running. But your fast running is not fast. Now your training method is more like recovery training. When I first started to lose weight, I used the combination of running and walking, which is similar to yours. I ran for a few minutes and walked for a minute, mainly
Choose between running and swimming, which can achieve the effect of whole-body exercise better
The regulation of breathing swimming and running have different considerations about the rhythm of breathing. If we need to breathe when swimming, we need to train our vital capacity. In this way, we can reduce the number of breaths, so as to achieve a better swimming effect, while runningHow should I choose swimming and running? Which one has better weight loss effect
We use these three conditions to measure running and swimming. Running heart rate: measure it yourself. When running on the treadmill at a speed of about 7.5, the heart rate is about 140. Most people, whether indoors or outdoors, are the same. Duration of continuous exercise: no problem relaxing for more than 20 minutes. Diet: many people don't feel hungry after running, eitherWhich sports do you think consumes more energy about running or swimming
Because swimming is an aerobic exercise, when doing aerobic exercise, you will be tired all over. Only in this way can we achieve the effect of fitness. As long as you stick to it, you won't be tired in the future. It's also a good exercise to exercise physical endurance. Swimming belongs to whole-body stretcRunning or swimming  so it's more convenienthing, which has more muscle blocks than running. Swimming floats in the waterWhich is better, swimming or running
Each has its own advantages. Running is a movement in which the feet contact the ground alternately, and the hands swing to maintain balance from the core, so it is very helpful to improve the muscle strength of the legs, has little stimulation and training of the upper body, and is very helpful to improve the cardiopulmonary function. It is a very simple and easy whole-body exerciseWhat's the difference between swimming and running? Which one is better
Compared with running, running is better, because running can not only burn the fat of the whole body, but also tighten the muscles of the whole body and make the body look strongerIs it better to swim or run
After fitness, take a shower, swim, and then take a bath. This saves a lot of time and effort than swimming first and then running. If you swim first, you have to take a bath after running later, which is one more bath than after swimming. Write at the end: if fitness is to increase muscle, aerobic exercise should be less. More aerobic exercise
Running or swimming so it's more convenient

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